ESW-2WAB Wi-Fi Switch Module

ESW-2WAB Wi-Fi Switch Module

Easy replace your traditional switch to make it smart, can make your exist 2 way switch smart also, just install 1 DIY smart switch. No hub required.


App Remote Control and Time Settings - Whether you relax on the couch, watch the World Cup at the bar or go on holiday on the beach, you can control your blinds from anywhere. You can set the time at which the blinds open or close. So you can wake up gently in the morning.


Timing Function: Create schedules to automatically turn the light on with the preset brightness or off at specific times. Perfect to create different mood lights with specified brightness for your daily activities, bedtime or TV time, sunrise or sunset, etc.


Note: Suit for EU/UK/US/CN Switch Box

  • 1, It's easy to make your traditional switch smart. It can also work with your exist 3-way switch, just install 1 switch module, suit for EU/UK switch box.
    2, Wirelessly control your lights or devices. Work with Amazon Alexa/Echo Dot, Google Home &IFTTT.
    3, Work with "Smart Life/Tuya" android/iOS App. Create multiple schedules to turn on/off your electronic sets.