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DS-1321WN Wi-Fi+BLE Switch Module

DS-1321WN Wi-Fi+BLE Switch Module


DS-1321WN Tuya Smart Wi-Fi+BLE Switch Module


DS-1321WN switch module is mini-size design, based on Tuya Smart platform. Is a cheap choice.


DS-1321WN: Live + Leutral
DS-1321NL: Live + Leutral & Lno-neutral


Note1: L + N means Live + Neutral wires; L means Live wire, need to link a capacitor.


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  • Rated Voltage AC100-240V | 50/60Hz
    Max Power 2000W
    Max Current 10A
    Wireless Protocol Wi-Fi / Bluetooth - 2.4GHz
    Power Supply Live+Neutral
    Work Temp. -20 - 75 °C
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